A Turnkey Remote Monitoring Platform

Remote data collection and reporting is very crucial in our day-to-day applications. It assists in evaluating and improving the efficiency, performance, accuracy, reliability and energy consumption of a system and/or process. With our secure server center and data collection terminals, we provide a robust turnkey platform for remote monitoring, data collection and accurate reporting. We service both residential and commercial customers who have a need for a robust remote monitoring platform.

Do you need to track the number of good and bad parts produced in your facility?

Do you want to remotely monitor your vacation cabin from across the country?

Securely access your data from any smartphone, mobile device or computer. It's that easy. Contact us today to discuss you next project.

Remote Monitoring

By using our data collection terminals and secure server center, you have all the tools to collect information for making critical business decisions. We will install sensors and other hardware to collect the required data and automatically send the information collected to our secure data center. No need for you to purchase expensive software, computers or servers.

Secure & Accurate Reports

We provide secure web access to the information you need, 24 hours a day to make critical personal and business decisions. Access your data from any smart phone, computer or mobile device. Export the collected information to Microsoft Excel if needed. Do you need customized reports that are specific to your business or organization? We can help. Contact us today.

Engineering & Support

Our engineering and support teams are available to discuss your next project and answer any questions you may have about our data collection and reporting platform. Do you need more terminals installed at your facility? Do you need help using the reports viewer? Access the demo link in the above menu to see all the data access and alert features available to you

Why use ScadaVault Solutions?

  • Easier and faster to order than other remote monitoring and data collection platforms

  • Easy to install. We provide a turnkey solution with sensors and controllers that are already wired and ready for installation

  • Easy to use. No special software or training, no programming or cell phone account is required. Our terminals can connect to your existing wired or WIFI Internet connection and securely upload the collected data to our data center

  • Our web-based report viewer provides easy viewing, charting and exporting of your data. This is accessible from any computer or mobile device. Configure email alert notifications for monitored variables that are out of range

  • Our platform will lower the overall cost of your site data collection efforts compared to manual collection methods

  • We provide a reliable data collection, alert notification and accurate reporting solution

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